Forthcoming themed issues in 2018

Special Issue: Higher Education in the BRICS and the Global South: A Driver for the Development?

The Global South is a research concept, which gained currency fast and which tends to replace previously wide-spread notions of the Third World and developing countries. The Global South today is analyzed from a variety of perspectives. It refers to geographical grouping of countries with emerging economic and growing political impact. On the one hand, countries included in the Global South are actively asserting themselves in the international arena, and, on the other hand, are troubled with many issues that significantly differ from those "developed" Global North faces. It is important to note that many of these issues stem from the colonial past of the countries of the Global South.

The special issue invites scholars and practitioners to discuss how higher education influences the situation in the Global South and whether it can spur its development. Should it focus, for example, on internal problems of the South, such as human development and struggle against poverty, or it must be oriented towards international standards of research university? Should the governments invest in the excellence programmes to establish World Class Universities or should they create conditions for equal education opportunities and for enhancing inclusive nature of the higher education? Is higher education capable of boosting development in the countries with high unemployment and illiteracy rates?

In addition, BRICS as the most advanced of the international organizations of the Global South begins to play increasingly important role in the development of higher education. The evidence for the positive impact it has is the BRICS network university, the BRICS ministers of education’s cooperation efforts, and the interest of the Global Academia in the new models of South-South university collaboration. The contributions to this issue are welcome to address these recent developments.

The issue will be co-edited by the guest editor Professor Maxim Khomyakov, a Vice-Director of the Higher School of Economics (Saint Petersburg), and a Head of the BRICS Studies Centre at the Ural Federal University.

Authors should indicate that they wish a manuscript to be included in this themed issue at submission.

Important dates:

  • 20 December 2017: Please, e-mail the indication of your intention to submit your article with the title, authors, and abstract (100-150 words) to
  • 31 July 2017: Final submission of the manuscript.