Current Issue : Changing Societies & Personalities

Changing Societies & Personalities is an international, peer-reviewed journal, founded in 2016 and published quarterly in English.

Founder and publisher: Ural Federal University (Yekaterinburg, Russia).

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Elena A. Stepanova

CS&P examines how rapid societal-level changes are reshaping individual-level beliefs, motivations and values — and how these individual-level changes in turn are reshaping societies. The interplay of personality traits and sociocultural factors in defining motivation, deliberation, action and reflection of individuals requires a combination of theoretical and empirical knowledge. Since an interdisciplinary approach is needed to understand the causes and consequences of the contemporary world’s changing socio-political institutions, moral values, and religious beliefs, the journal welcomes theoretical and empirical contributions from a wide range of perspectives in the context of value pluralism and social heterogeneity of (post)modern society.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

  • Value implications of interactions between socio-political transformations and personal self-identity,
  • Changes in value orientations, materialist and post-materialist values,
  • Moral reasoning and behavior,
  • Variability and continuity in the election of styles of moral regime and/or religious identity,
  • The moral bases of political preferences and their elimination,
  • Social exclusion and inclusion,
  • Post-secular religious individualism,
  • Tolerance and merely ‘tolerating’: their meanings, varieties and fundamental bases,
  • Ideologies of gender and age as variables in political, moral, religious and social change,
  • Educational strategies as training for specific social competences,
  • Social and existential security.

The journal publishes original research articles, forum discussions, review articles and book reviews.


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CS&P is registered by the National ISSN Agency of the Russian Federation.   Online ISSN: 2587-8964   Print ISSN: 2587-6104