The Efficacy of the Holding Community Program

Promoting Social Reflection in School

  • Anna Siegler University of Pécs
  • Sára Serdült
  • Fanni Csernus
  • Lilla Dézma
  • Izabella Ilea
  • Sára Bigazzi


An intervention (Holding Community Program) was designed by the authors to access the following objectives: (1) increase the perspective taking capacity of adolescents, (2) promote interpersonal and intergroup harmony, (3) empower youth to be (pro)active in their communities and public life. Using a pre-test-intervention-post-test design a total of 240 Hungarian public high school students (159 female, 66.3 %) participated in the study. Students between the age of 14 and 18 (Mage = 15.33; SDage = 0.88) were recruited from four high schools. Control groups (N=122) were chosen from the same institution and grade as experimental classes (N=118, 7 classes), immediate and long term effects (4-6 months after the intervention) were both explored.  Quantitative analysis of the data indicated that the two-day intervention program had significantly increased perspective taking (short-term: F(1,238)=6.03, p<0.05, long-term: n.s.), efficacy beliefs (short-term: F(1,238)= 3.83, p=0.052, long-term: F(1,238)= 3.38, p<0.05) and after the training students were more willing to participate in collective actions (short-term: F(1,238)= 7.32, p<0.01, long-term: F(1,238)= 3.83, p<0.05), while promising but not significant the effect on prejudice. According to the results recommendations for interventions and future studies arise.

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Siegler, A., Serdült, S., Csernus, F., Dézma, L., Ilea, I., & Bigazzi, S. (2021). The Efficacy of the Holding Community Program. Changing Societies & Personalities, 5(3). Retrieved from