Words, River, Changes: Writing Lewiston, Maine


This essay describes and reflects on the central river of a small post-industrial city in Maine (USA), interweaving the author’s experience of place with the voices of three local poets, as a way of considering how the city and its river have been represented—as pastoral, abject, beautiful, and hybrid.

Author Biography

Jane Costlow, Bates College, Lewiston, Maine, USA

Jane Costlow is Professor Emerita of Environmental Humanities at Bates College, Lewiston, Maine. She has published extensively on Russian literature, culture and film, and has co-edited volumes on cultures of water; human-animal relations; and gender and sexuality.


How to Cite
Costlow, J. (2022). Words, River, Changes: Writing Lewiston, Maine. Changing Societies & Personalities, 6(2), 254–270. doi:10.15826/csp.2022.6.2.174