Development of Cooperation in Higher Education in BRICS Countries

  • Yuyun Li Fudan University, China


As an important component of BRICS cooperation, collaboration in higher education plays a key role in the development and mutual collaboration of the five countries. The purpose of this article is to analyze current cooperation in higher education of BRICS countries. The article selects BRICS Network University, BRICS Universities League and BRICS Summer Program of Fudan University as case studies, to compare and summarize the achievements and the existing problems of these three BRICS higher education projects. The paper discovers that the BRICS education cooperation has great significance to the development of the five countries, and also promotes education in Global South. However, cooperation in higher education is still in its nascent stage and certain aspects need to be improved. At the end, the article gives several suggestions on how to promote and strengthen the cooperation in the future.

Author Biography

Yuyun Li, Fudan University, China

Li Yuyun is a Junior Policy Analyst, Program Manager of Center for BRICS Studies of Fudan University, China.


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